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Credit: X. Dachez for Ice Bear Project

Polar Bears on Thin Ice

The polar bear is a symbol of the threats posed to the Arctic ecosystem by climate change. Due to global warming, the Arctic fauna and flora, as well as the life and culture of Inuit communities, are in danger of disappearing.

The "Polar Bears on Thin Ice" campaign aims to raise the Canadian public's awareness of the urgency to fight climate change. The purpose of this activity is to remind us of the threats to Northern populations, polar bears and all humanity.

With "Polar Bears on Thin Ice", you will be introduced to a most unusual bear throughout 2010. It's an imposing quadruped ice sculpture covering a bronze skeleton. This ephemeral work of art was created by British artist Mark Coreth, aided by Inuit sculptors Peter Boy Ittukallak and Juanasi Jack Ittukallak. The work symbolizes climate change and its impacts. It melts in the ambient heat, leaving only the animal's skeleton.

Visit the page on the "March of the Polar Bear" to learn about developments regarding this remarkable eco sculpture.

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